Scallops Spicy Thai style Fried Egg Noodle

Scallops with spicy Thai style pan-fried egg noodles// these are actually the leftover 1. use olive oil for better life choice 2. Garlic first/ pan fried until it turns a little brown 3. chillies in// because i want to make it spicy then scallops 4. fried it gently, be careful of the scallops 5. seasoning […]

Homemade Teriyaki Grilled Salmon

Grilled salmon with cherry tomatos and garlic I homemade teriyaki sauce to seasoning salmon The sauce is from everything-I-could-grab around me 1. Sugar as a base flavour 2. Premium Soy sauce (i just feel like the premium one has less salty) 3. Either white or black pepper 4. Oyster sauce “3 tablespoons of sugar with […]

Easy Recipe: Stuffed spicy pork in Bell peppers

This is Stuffed spicy minced pork in small bell peppers šŸ™‚ Related articles Stuffed Bell Peppers ( Spicy Pepper and Bean Salad ( Stuffed Bell Peppers ( Healthy Bell Peppers Stuffed With Chiquita Banana Fruited Rice Recipe (

Easy Recipe: Salmon Cream Sauce + Crispy Grilled Skin Salmon

. This tastes superbbbbbbbb!!! Let’s see the above menu…it’s Salmon cream sauce what to prepare salmon as much as you love cream white sauce evaporated milk 1 cup or milk instead spaghetti or pasta salt, pepper, parsley how to cook cook spaghetti and pasta..and rinse with cold water and leave it there fried your salmon […]