Fried (super) Spicy water Morning glory – Thai Style


Fried (super) Spicy water Morning glory – Thai Style

I myself have a lot of foreigner friends, since i was studied in an international school and college

Anyways, most of my friends love this Thai menu… Even though it’s looked like a normal fried vegetable

Well, for those who haven’t been eaten this ‘morning glory’ I suggest you go get one at your nearest local Asian supermarket (I hope they have, they actually have in UK though)


‘Water morning glory’ or water  spinach, in Thai it’s called ‘Pak-Boong’

Water morning glory needs lots of water and lots of spaces to grow, and it grows on rice patties, and won’t be survive in winter ;(

“Fyi, water morning glory is not the same as morning glory flower in US because that one is poisonous”
Alright here are something to know about water morning glory,

1. It has rich flavor and crunch of its own.

2. It can be eaten both raw and cooked/ Thai people normally fry with chillies garlic and oyster sauce, or boil it and eat with Thai style dip.

3. Water morning glory itself contains lots of iron, good for pregnant women and women hormones basically.

4. Because it has iron, it’s also good for those who have anemia.

5. water morning glory is one of a choices for diet, it can lower blood sugar.

6. What is it contained? Water morning glory contains lots of protein, Vitamins A, B, and C, has magnesium for enzyme, and calcium for bones.


Because it’s my favourite vegetable as well, go grab one! at China town or local Asian Stores!

Happy Eating!





(Creasy, R. (2000). The Edible Asian Garden. Periplus Editions)


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