Easy Recipe: Stuffed spicy pork in Bell peppers

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Easy Recipe: Salmon Roll Teriyaki

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Fear of Public Speaking? Let’s fight back!

Recently, I’ve seen a photo posted on Facebook feed, from one popular page, it says that 3 out of 4 people have Glossophobia, or another word, the fear of public speaking. Well, I truthfully dont know where this research has come from, but they posted it, then it must be somehow true. The reason I […]

Easy Recipe: Salmon Cream Sauce + Crispy Grilled Skin Salmon

. This tastes superbbbbbbbb!!! Let’s see the above menu…it’s Salmon cream sauce what to prepare salmon as much as you love cream white sauce evaporated milk 1 cup or milk instead spaghetti or pasta salt, pepper, parsley how to cook cook spaghetti and pasta..and rinse with cold water and leave it there fried your salmon […]